NOISE Festival Colour Picker
Gallery application for Manchester based charity 'Noise Festival'. Colour based searching. Completed summer 2008

Degree Show blogging application build in Flash over a PHP/MySQL back end. Users can post blocks to the blogging wall by clicking the black + symbol. User can post blocks either by taking a snap from a webcam, sketching or typing.

3D Engine which allows navigation via a mouse or a webcam. The idea behind this application is that at all times, although blurred; the user can see where they've been on the site. The user can also use a webcam to interact with elements on the site.

Visit the AstroJELLIES

About Me
A website following a trip to prague.
My Dad's Website

Database listing all my Mp3s.

Site Concept ONE
A site framing a singe 3D moving object.

The Aero...
Fore runner to an animation I intent to make.

My current band's website.

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